Alex Guthrie

Hey! I'm Alex.

I'm a 20 year old Computer Science student and software engineer from the United Kingdom interested in reverse engineering, computer graphics, and game development.

I'm currently working on projects involving s&box, a game engine/framework designed around Source 2.

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About Me

Things I Like

  • Game Development

    Skills creating fun video game experiences tailored to video game enthusiasts

  • Virtual Reality

    Experienced in writing gameplay systems for virtual reality games from the ground up

  • Computer Graphics

    Skills writing OpenGL and Vulkan graphics code for desktop applications and games

  • Web Development

    Experienced in creating small- and large-scale websites, for both organisations and individuals

My Programming Experience

  • C#

    Experienced in writing C# code for use within game engines (s&box, Unity) and as desktop applications

  • JavaScript

    Skills creating interactive webapps and providing functionality to otherwise static pages


    Skills creating uniquely stylized webapps for mobile and desktop platforms

  • C++

    Experienced in writing high-performance native desktop code

Blog Posts