Alex Guthrie

Hey! I'm Alex.

I'm a Computer Science student and software engineer from the United Kingdom, interested in reverse engineering, computer graphics, and game development.

I currently work on projects involving s&box, a game engine/framework designed around Source 2.

My Projects

Alex's Instagib

An homage to classic arena shooters.


A spiritual successor to the classic 'SourceForts' Source mod.

Frost Fight

A game made in under a week for the Jambox Winter Jam 2021.

Moyai Engine

A toy game engine made in C#.

My Skills


I've written tons of C# code for use within games (s&box, Unity) and desktop applications

Node (JavaScript / TypeScript)

I have experience writing node-based backend applications using both JavaScript and TypeScript

HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript

I've made cool webapp experiences, ranging from websites to games using WebGL


I've written high-performance native desktop code using Rust


I've written OpenGL graphics code for desktop applications and games